Help save frogs: Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Julie Larsen Maher ©WCS
Honor frog-kind’s mighty leapers and masters of disguise! Frogs from around the world hop through the Wildlife Conservation Society's Zoos and Aquarium, where they represent their threatened kin in the wild. At various exhibits including the Amphibian Crisis Center at the Central Park Zoo, the World of Reptiles at the Bronx Zoo, and Frogs at the New York Aquarium, you’ll learn about the amphibian extinction crisis—a crisis unprecedented since the age of the dinosaurs. You’ll also discover simple tips for green living that will earn you a ribbet of thanks. Protecting frog-kind is urgent: In our lifetimes, as many as half of the 6,000 frog, salamander, and caecilian species may disappear.

How You Can Help Frogs

  • Be sure not to keep exotic amphibians as pets.
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle—it really makes a difference! Use nontoxic cleansers and fewer pesticides to reduce environmental pollution.
  • Volunteer at the Bronx Zoo’s World of Reptiles (must be 18 or older). Send your resume and a letter stating why you want to volunteer to:
    Bronx Zoo Department of Herpetology
    2300 Southern Boulevard
    Bronx, New York 10460
    ATTN: Volunteer Coordinator
  • Support conservation organizations like WCS that are committed to protecting amphibians. Our scientists conduct surveys of amphibian populations across the globe. Their work ranges from studying the effects of urban sprawl on amphibians in North America to monitoring frogs in the mountains of Papua New Guinea.